Alprothane 4000


Alprothane 4000 is a liquid isocyanate terminated pre-polymer based on PPG polyol. Polymers made from Alprothane 4000 by reacting with MOCA offers the elasticity of rubber combined with toughness and durability of metal. It allows to replace rubber, plastic and metal with the ultimate in abrasion resistance and outstanding resilience.


  • Excellent hardness and flexibility
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to impact and tear
  • Good chemical, oil and hydrolysis resistance
  • Excellent resistancy and resilency to absorb and dissipate the mechanical stresses arising from the movement of structures
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Low viscosity of Alprothane 4000 allows ease of processing.
  • Extended pot life


    • Industrials rolls, discs, wheels and tyres
    • Equipments and bin lining, die pads and spring cushions
    • Sporting equipments and a variety of consumer items.


                        % NCO                           : 3 - 4 %
                        Colour and Appearance : Slight hazy to clear light colour liquid
Mixing Ratio

Alprothane : 100
MOCA  : 16-18
Pot life : 9 -10 minutes

Properties of Cured mass

  • Hardness, Shore A                : 80 – 90
  • Elongation, %                       : 350 – 450
  • Tensile Strength, (Mpa)        : 30 – 38
  • Cured density                       : 1.0 – 1.1

Processing Procedure

  • Alprothane  should be heated to 80 – 85OC and thoroughly degassed at 1- 5 mm Hg of vacuum until excessive foaming stops.
  • The hardener, MOCA should be melted at 110 – 120OC and added to Alprothane. After adding MOCA, mix the mixture thoroughly ensuring not to introduce air into the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into the moulds that have been preheated to 80 -100OC.

Packing :       30 Kg, 200 Kg


The information provided here is merely for your information and not to be used for setting specifications. It is offered solely for your consideration. Since, your specific use applications and conditions are beyond the control of Lympro Chem Ind., you must determine the applicability of the product.