AlproCast 1000


Lympro’s AlproCast 1000 is a two component Polyurethane Casting/ Potting Compound, generally used for jointing power cables. AlproCast 1000 on mixing with Hardener at ambient temperature results in a hard, flexible cured mass with a low exothermic rise in temperature.


  •  Good electrical (insulating) properties
  • Excellent resistancy and resilency to absorb and dissipate the mechanical stresses and the heat arising from the internal joints in the power conductor
  • Water tight seal
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability


            Ideal in jointing kits for PILC, XLPE, Rubber cables as well as high tension systems and insulators. AlproCast  is also widely utilised for encapsulating electrical appliances.


Appearance                                         Red viscous liquid
Density @ 25OC                                  1.30 + 0.10 g/cc
Flash Point                                          > 175OC


Compressive strength                          5 N/mm2
Impact strength                                   5 kJ/ m2
Dilelectric strength
@ 27OC                                               Minimum   15 KV/mm
@ 80OC                                               Minimum   15 KV/mm
Volume resistivity                               Mimimum   1 x 1012

Mixing Proportion : AlproCast A : AlproCast B = 100 : 28

Packing :  1 Kg., 2 Kg. and 30 Kg.


The information provided here is merely for your information and not to be used for setting specifications. It is offered solely for your consideration. Since, your specific use applications and conditions are beyond the control of Lympro Chem Ind., you must determine the applicability of the product.