Alprothane CX


Lympro’s Alprothane is an Energy Saver Polyurethane Rigid Foam System. Alprothane on mixing with Hardener at ambient temperature expands to form a light density, hard, rigid and closed cell foam. Alprothane is available in wide range of density (30- 110 Kg./M3). The foam prepared from Alprothane not only has the best thermal properties but, it is the most versatile and fulfills the required performance. It is highly effective in maintaining the thermal integrity of cold storage utility and maintains the temperature of the system


  • Provides perfect insulation
  • High strength with light weight
  • Contains no CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons)
  • Good dimensional stability and withstands structural movements
  • Good durability
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, PVC, and wood
  • Ease of application by machine as well by manually
  • Cured foam can be easily trimmed, sanded and finished to match the surroundings


  • Insulating material for Refrigerators, Chilling plants, Thermowares, Cold rooms, Solar heater.
  • Thermal insulation to maintain temperature of Ware houses, Storage rooms, Sheds, Poultry/ Agricultural Farms
  • Completely fills all voids and provides structural support to marine vehicles. Provides insulation to fish storage tank
  • Accoustic material : good properties for vibration dampening and sound deadening.
  • Duct and Gap filling
  • Encapsulation of delicate articles
  • Packaging materials

Mixing Ratio :  Alprothane : Hardener = 1: 1.2

 Packing :     20 Kg., 200 Kg.

The information provided here is merely for your information and not to be used for setting specifications. It is offered solely for your consideration. Since, your specific use applications and conditions are beyond the control of Lympro Chem Ind., you must determine the applicability of the product.